YOUNGtheHyphenate is the moniker of Robert Young, created to bring together the many aliases that make up the man.

During his over 20 year career in multimedia, Young has developed an array of skills, along the way to becoming Robert Young I Am. These skills are the foundation of everything he does.

So….who and what is YOUNGtheHyphenate:

• Black Katt ….an international performance artist, actor, marketing director, and the father of poetry in Canada. His music video for "If I Were A Planet" remains the only video to win a Much Music Video Award. His voiceover work on radio and television led him to receive to Telly Awards for the national launch commercial for the "BET On Jazz" Network, that he composed the music, wrote the lyrics, and appeared in.

• Katt Brown ….considered one of greatest music video editors in the turn of the millennium. His post-production company VGY Productions became the exclusive post-house for Sean "Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Entertainment, leading Katt to edit a multitude of music videos, commercials, and television programs for the Media Mogul, including the MTV 2-part docu-drama "Diddy Runs The City".

• Bobby O'neill ...launched Kiss Creative Films and a film directing and fine art photography career that would produce philanthropic documentaries in remote locations like Freetown Sierra Leone West Africa and countless film projects mentoring youth while living in the Caribbean. As a fine art photographer he would produce and participate 7 exhibitions featuring his work, including the the Haiti Art Expo hosted by Venus Williams and Wyclef Jean, where 3 of his signature works would be sold in 7 minutes raising thousands of dollars to build semi-temporary housing in Port au Prince Haiti.

YOUNGtheHyphenate aka Black Katt~Katt Brown~Bobby O'neill are all persona's that have molded Robert Young. Through Young's willingness to challenge himself beyond convention he has developed aptitude that stretches across all realms of visual content production. He believes in the natural evolution of life and that where the river flows, one must go, for the satisfaction is more so in the journey than in the destination alone.

"Because God Is…I Am."
Robert Young